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This game will simulate realistic racing through a number of different tracks

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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GTI Racing is the ultimate racing video game for Volkswagen enthusiasts. Named after the original hot hatch, the GTI debuted in 1976 to raving reviews. What made the car special was the powerful engine, sporty suspension, and beefy tires combined into a very practical and comfortable package. The car was capable of speeds up to 182 km/h, which made it faster than many sports cars which were far more expensive. This resulted in one of the most exciting cars on the market. Volkswagen originally planned to sell 5,000 units of the GTI. However, the enthusiasm and passion that the model generated led to sales volumes ten times what was projected. Over five generations of production, the car has sold more than 1.7 million units worldwide.

In the video game, you are given the choice to drive 15 different vW models, including 5 generations of the GTI. The game includes the New Beetle and many variations of the old Beetle and Golf models. In addition, you are given the option to modify the cars with an assortment of visual upgrades such as spoilers, rims and body kits. On the performance side, you can upgrade turbos, transmissions, brakes, and exhaust. This aspect of the game will appeal to tuners who like to add individuality to their cars.

On the racing side, the game is simplistic. The graphics in the game are on par with what other racings games looked like when it was released in 2010. In terms of the graphics, car models look accurate and detailed. Game environments are basic but visually seems to be decent. Racetracks that you race on are very wide open, allowing you to take your car off-road in some instances. How the racing works is by racing from checkpoint to checkpoint. You will see a tall blue column of light in the sky which marks the area you are supposed to race towards. Taking the asphalt roads is optional, as competitors often veer into the grass and up the hills. Overall, the game is good fun and is competitive. However, the engine sounds are not differentiated enough and do not sounds realistic. In addition, the racing physics will leave a simulation enthusiast wanting for better. GTI Racing is an arcade style game which should be easy for racers of any age to quickly pick up.


  • Nice selection of new and classic Volkswagen vehicles.
  • Ability to use visual and performance modifications to the cars.
  • Free and wide open racing environments.
  • Vehicle graphics look accurate.


  • Racing physics are not very realistic. Most of the cars drive the same and have little variation.
  • Car sounds are dull. Adding an exhaust makes the cars louder but not richer.
  • Could use more race track variety. Most environments look about the same.
  • Not as immersive as other racing games, such as Need for Speed. No storyline or real purpose.
  • Very basic game with no online mode.

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